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Read what customers, going back many years have to say

as they share their tips and tricks and comments

with WATER-GARD 300 (tm) underwater epoxy paint

(available in white or light blue - 48 oz - 3 qrt - 3 gal units)





"Just wanted to let you know that the white water gard 300 I purchased to repair

my fiberglass swimming pool  underwater worked great!!! Just what I was looking

for. The product covered more area than I expected, but I may be ordering more!!!

Did test spots on shallow area and steps, and It looks like it did 31 years ago.

Going to tackle the deep area next. Tested using a brush and a roller. The paint

brush worked a little better for me. Thank You So Much!! I will share with

others!"  ----- Helen from LA.

and more feedback from Helen years later:

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, 01:50:14 PM EDT, Helen wrote:


My 38 year old pool is beautiful thanks to water guard 300. Never emptied.
Repeat customer, 38 year old fiberglass pool, spot painted, second touch

up since 2014. Color blends perfectly, will yellow slightly with age and

sun exposure, but better than the black spots and exposed fiberglass!!

I made a long homemade wooden extension pole with a 4 inch mini

microfiber roller cover (3/8 inch nap,) as my deep end is 8 feet deep.

I rather work with small batches at a time. Mixed Small amounts

8 to 4 ratio (tablespoons) of part A  and Part B in a small plastic container.

Stirred with narrow plastic puddy knife and applied paint like butter to all

areas of the roller then applied to the surface . Continued this process

till batch was empty. Then repeat.  It’s very hot in Louisiana, 90 degrees

and high humidity here so the pot life is short. This way none is wasted!

I have a lot of patience, so this deep area took about 6 hours to complete.

One full buttered roller of paint covers about a dinner plate sized area.


Was hard and dry in 24 hours, or maybe less.


I’m 69 years old, so this is good exercise. Yes it is difficult in our climate

but worth the beautiful outcome. I, my husband, children and grandchildren

continue to enjoy our 38 year old fiberglass pool because of water guard 300.

I would have been charged thousands to re gel-coat the pool, with no guarantee

it wouldn’t pop out of the ground when emptied!


Thanks Paul, Helen



Hey Paul, Just wanted to drop you a line. Just wanted to thank you again for

your Water Gard 300 under water epoxy paint. As we have discussed in the past,

we have a Commercial Steel pool, and no matter how well we prep it for paint each

year, we always end up with a few rust spots part way through the season.

Once again your Water Gard 300 came to the rescue to touch up some particularly

ugly rust spots this year. Thanks Again! Howard -   Dxx Swim Club


and more feedback from Howard:


     "Just wanted to let you know that your Water Gard 300 pool touch up kit was

a life saver for us this year.   We painted our Swim Club pool this year, and the

pool paint we used turned out to be super slippery.   Opening day we had several

people comment on how slippery the steps were leading into the shallow end of

the pool.  We were scrambling to figure out how we could fix that since the pool

was now full of water, and then we remembered that we had bought a kit of your

Water Gard 300.  After we closed that night we mixed some of your epoxy with a

little bit of sand and brushed it on the the steps.  


It was like magic, the steps were no longer slippery, and the color nearly

matched the pool paint.   The next day, folks were none the wiser that the

steps had been painted the night before, and the steps had just the right

grip for safe entry into the pool.


We are now over a month into the season, and the paint has

held up excellently.   Last night we used it to touch up some rust

spots (Our pool is actually Steel) that had bled through the pool paint.

We will definitely be using more of your product next year.


Very Best Regards,"

Howard  (7/7/17)


(The entire pool is steel (never any issues or problems

with metal pools) It is a 5 lane competition length pool.  

It was built in 1955. Steel was cheep and welders were

even cheaper when the Korean finished up, so they built

it out of steel.   When the water is out you can still see the

weld seems every 5 feet or so, even through the layers

and layers of pool paint.

Unfortunately, the water gets under the paint or the paint layers

peel off, and then we get rust spots showing through.  

Every year we have to scrape and repaint.)


"All I can say is thank you....  I have a small fiberglass in-ground pool

with visible bare spots. With the cost of repainting (estimates of $5000)

and risk of the pool popping out of the ground if it was emptied to be

repainted I looked for alternatives and found you.

Used the Water gard 300 you sent. I followed your advice and the

instructions provided. There were 3 or 4 bare spots. One was about

2 feet long and down to the fiberglass very ugly. The epoxy you

recommended for the job was so easy to use. Saving me money.

Thank you so much."


Virginia -- Key West (7/17)


8/14 -- My name is T..R... and I live in Las Vegas, Nev. I have a beautiful

custom pool and I noticed a small area on the side wall of my pool.

I took a wire brush and tried to remove the dark colored spot.

Unfortunately I rubbed too hard and made it worse, much worse.


I contacted 10 different pool companies and each of them informed

me that I would need to drain the pool to repair the spot that was

getting larger by the day. Draining a pool with 28,000 gallons during

the summer is bad enough, but fixing the plaster that had been rubbed

down to the Gunnite is very expensive. I needed a quick fix and there

did not seem to be one! Well, I was wrong.


I discovered a man named Paul Oman at on the

internet when I searched for (plaster underwater repair) and to my

amazement he told me about an epoxy that you mix in a ratio of

2 to 1 (Water Gard 300 - available in white or light blue).


Once last thing, Paul sent me the white at my request. I mixed a

light blue paint from a hobby store and my pool looks great.

This product is perfect and it is for real. Do yourself a favor and

don’t listen to the pool guys, they want your business and

that adds up to big bucks!


Thanks again Paul for helping me solve this problem. --- T..R..

Hi Paul. This is Dave from San Angelo, Tx. As I told you before,

the underwater applied epoxy worked great. I recommend you

send your product info to all pool companies and pool supply

retailers or if you can find out who has fiberglass pools and

send them info if they ever need it. Thanks 6/16

"My story. We have a fiberglass pool that is 31 years old.

I know they are not supposed to last that long. But this

one is starting to have ‘surface’ cracks (and I think more

than surface cracks). We have ordered the Water Gard 300

epoxy twice to fix them and it has worked GREAT. That

is the best stuff EVER…


I can’t drain my pool, because I have a really high water

table. (the pond in my back is ground water---). And

I think the integrity of the Fiberglass is gone. My grandkids

love the pool. We are just trying to keep it together for


the rest of the season, then figure out what to do." ---  Peggy G. 9/15



I'm not the kind of person to give feedback on products or services but I must comment on the Water Gard 300 product. I purchased a home 4 years ago with a fiberglass pool and 2 years ago it started to significantly chip. Long story short, after significant analysis from multiple experts, it turns out that the pool had ruptured and was repaired. Unfortunately the repair person applied the fiberglass topcoat incorrectly and it is all coming off. Luckily the pool is structurally sound, just very ugly to look at. Estimates to fix it range from $8,000 to $25,000 and no one would guarantee that the entire pool would not collapse after draining the water which would require an entire replacement.


After a year of searching, and countless attempts at other solutions, I came across your product. This product is amazing! I still can't believe it's even possible to apply a paint (sorry epoxy) underwater. I used a 14 foot extension pole with a roller to apply the paint/epoxy. The most time consuming part was mixing parts A and B together. I purchased the 3 gallon size but since I was working alone I mixed small batches since the pot life was short. For roughly $350 my pool looks brand new! I can't thank you enough. I've attached some before and after pictures.

Thanks again,






"Hi there! This e-mail has no question but I was just looking through your site and I wanted to say that it's great! I was just looking around the internet to read about the subject of epoxy and no other site I visited was as helpful as yours. You are very knowledgeable in that subject and I admire that. Great work and I wish you the best! "  - Gabriella  10/15

You don't find endorsements like this on other sites!



"Hi Paul, ---Thank you so much for all the info. Each time I spoke with you, I found you to be a very helpful, personable individual. You seemed genuinely interested in helping me get the right products and making sure that I know exactly the best way to apply it for optimum results. Sadly, in today’s business world, those are not common traits. It definitely was a pleasure to do business with you ( as cliche as that saying is.) I definitely will recommend to anyone who needs your products. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Julie" (6/2019)